Local Meats

Local Meats:
Thoma Meat Market – locally sourced animals from small farms are processed at this butcher on Dinner Bell Road in Saxonburg
Ground Beef
Beef Burgers – packs of six in 4 or 5 oz sizes
Flavored Burgers – packs of four in 5 oz size (seasonal): Steak Bacon and Cheddar, Sweet Bourbon
Chuck Roast
Short Ribs
Steaks: Delmonico, New York Strip and T-Bone
Soup Bones
Marrow Bones

Ground Pork
Sweet Italian Sausage – in links or loose
Hot Italian Sausage – in links or loose
Breakfast Sausages
Ham Hocks
Pork Chops – packs of three
Pork Neck Bones
Baby Back Ribs
Shoulder Roast
Ham Steaks
Hams – semi boneless whole or half hams, boneless whole hams (by order only)

Lamb Stew Meat
Lamb Gyro Burgers – packs of 4 in 5 oz size (seasonal)

Goat Stew Meat

Chicken Breast: Plain
Garlic and Herb (marinated)
Sweet Bourbon (marinated)
Whole Fryers

Gerber Chicken – from Amish farms in Ohio. Third party certified humane growing conditions, all vegetarian, no hormones or antibiotics.
Thighs – package of four
Wings – package of approx 10

Pittsburgher Highland Farm – grass-fed, organic beef from Scottish Highland cattle, plus pork and grass-fed lamb.
Roasts – sirloin tip, round, chuck and rump
Ground Beef
Beef Liver
Beef Stew Meat
Steaks – sirloin, skirt, flat iron

Fresh side (uncured bacon)
Salt and Pepper Sausage
Pork Chops in packs of 2 or 4
Pork Steaks in packs of 2

Ground Lamb
Lamb Chops

Silver Star Meats – processed and packed in McKees Rocks.
Polish Kielbasa – links or coil

Hot Dogs – John Martin hot dogs from Schlabach Meats in Ohio.
Regular Hot Dogs – pork and beef
Beef Hot Dogs