Daily Shopping: Fresh, Healthy and Frugal

Our produce stand has locally grown lettuce packaged in single servings.


Bring home just what you need for the day at reasonable prices. You won’t have to worry about using it before it goes bad and you can take advantage of lower prices.

Europeans do this as a way of life.  Stopping by the produce stand,  the butcher and the baker on your way home from work is a normal part of the European daily routine.  Folks tend to have smaller apartments, hence smaller kitchens and smaller refrigerators.   Many people do not own cars as they are expensive to own, maintain and house.  They use public transportation, which is another reason to food shop on your way home. You know what you can carry. One dinner’s worth plus tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch won’t take up much space. Daily shopping is also a great way to take advantage of daily specials.  Marked down items that are approaching their expiration date can be had at a huge discount.  Since you’re only buying for tonight’s dinner, you don’t have to worry about it going bad. I used to purchase produce on a weekly basis. Often I ended up throwing away food because I didn’t use it in time. Now that I only buy what I need, that hardly ever happens. For more information about grocery shopping like a European check out this article from www.wisebread.com.

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