Commercial Market May Be Running Out of Eggs

image I always recommend buying eggs from local farms.

Dylamato’s Market is carrying eggs ($3.50/dozen) from a self sustaining, Amish farm where the birds are kept in  large cages outside to run around in (with covers due to hawks) and are fed corn and other grain raised on the same farm from seed saved the year before  and are therefore gmo free.

In general locally farmed eggs are laid by cage free or even free range hens, either fertilized or unfertilized.  They’re usually hormone and antibiotic free and definitely salmonella free.

After learning decades back about factory farming and how farm animals are treated especially chickens, I became naturally suspect of grocery store eggs.  Not having access to local, ethically managed chickens, what choice did I have?

Today, folks are raising their own chickens in their suburban and in many cases urban back yards. Safe, cage free, hormone free eggs are readily available.  They cost a bit more than the eggs you can get at your local Giant Eagle or ShopnSave but those prices are about to go up.

And now Avian flu is having a major impact on commercially available eggs. All the more reason to purchase delicious, healthy and safe eggs from our local farmers.

Avian flu has effected egg production in 20 states so far according to ABC Action News. In Texas, H-E-B stores are limiting individual purchases of eggs to 3 dozen at any one time.  Prices have doubled in Florida while demand for eggs has not declined.



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